Nominate a Member

Membership in the Sunday Breakfast Club is by invitation following approval by the Club’s Board of Directors. In 2017, the Board of Directors affirmed that the Sunday Breakfast Club is a leadership organization and adopted four principles-based membership qualification criteria to be used in considering potential new members:

  1. A candidate for membership is a recognized leader, or a rising leader, in the region’s business, professional, education, nonprofit or government sectors.
  2. They bring an expertise and/or experience in a significant sector of activity in the region which should be represented in the Club.
  3. The candidate is known for the quality of their intellect and power of ideas, combined with an ability to express both in friendly discourse.
  4. The candidate is active in the region’s civic life in an effective and notable way, and engaged in the conversation, or dialogue.

Membership is by invitation. Nominations are made by existing club members and any nominee who receives support from the majority of a quorum of the Board of Directors will be invited to become a member.

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