Upcoming Events

The Sunday Breakfast Club is responding to this challenging pandemic moment both in the substance and format of programming for the coming year.

Our mode this year will be virtual, interactive, in-depth and right on the news. Our theme for the year is Recovery with Equity. Our scope and pace of offerings to the membership will be unprecedented.

Last year, dozens of club members and their invitees gathered, on Zoom of course, to take part in a workshop to delve more deeply into our current theme of Recovery with Equity.  The two-hour discussion was led by moderators from the PA Project for Civic Engagement and Connect the Dots.

Here is our report on the discussion and the insights it yielded.  We offer it as just one reflective take on the challenges facing our region, which we hope can be a catalyst for your thinking as you lead the organizations with which you’re involved.  Please share the document as widely as you care to.

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